On September 27, 2020 the armed forces of Armenia, blatantly violating the ceasefire regime have launched another aggression against Azerbaijan, by intensively attacking the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan along the frontline, as well as by deliberately subjecting to artillery shelling residential areas of Tartar, Aghdam, Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts. On the following days, densely populated residential areas – Shamkir, Beylagan, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Goranboy, Tartar, Barda, Aghjabadi and the city of Ganja were subjected to heavy bombardment, including with mid-range missiles.

The new aggression by Armenia against Azerbaijan was yet another blatant violation of fundamental norms and principles of international law, IHL, including the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its Additional Protocols, as well as the United Nations Security Council resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884 of 1993 demanding the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of the armed forces of Armenia from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

As a countermeasure of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, on September 27, with the counter-offensive operation along the entire front Azerbaijani Army started the liberation of the territories, which had been occupied by Armenia in the wake of the First Karabakh War in the early 1990s. The war that lasted 44 days and labeled as ‘the Patriotic War’, depicted the strength of the Glorious Azerbaijani Army and ended with the decisive victory of Azerbaijan. By December 1, Azerbaijan has restored its territorial integrity at the result of the trilateral ceasefire treaty between Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia that signed on November 10, 2020, right after the liberation of the Shusha, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, by the Glorious Azerbaijani Army. This 44-day war brought an end to the long-lasting occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the 44-day war, totally 94 civilians, including children, women and elderly have been killed, more than 400 civilians have been wounded as a consequence of heavy artillery shelling and 2908 Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred, more than thousand were wounded, while 6 are still missing.