Azerbaijani diplomats targeted by Armenia

November 7, 2020 @ 3:01pm

LETTER: At about 2.30am local time, on the night of Nov 6 to 7 this year, the building of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine’s Kharkiv City was subjected to fire from firearms.

As a result, there were fires on six places including the door and windows of the consulate building. 

However, there are no injuries among employees of the Consulate because there was nobody in the building at night hours, said the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The ministry also revealed to APA news agency that the cameras of the Honorary Consul It was deemed a criminal case and under investigation by Kharkiv city police. 

«Taking into consideration the continuous threats made by the radical Armenian forces against Azerbaijan’s diplomatic representations in foreign countries recently, this attack made on our Honorary Consulate in Kharkiv should be considered just in the context of t «We resolutely condemn the attacks of the radical Armenian forces of threatening character that cause risk to life on Azerbaijan’s diplomats in foreign countries, as well as members of the local Azerbaijani community. 

«Our country’s relevant institutions will implement mutual activity and cooperation with local law enforcement agencies in foreign countries in order to ensure that the persons responsible for such actions of criminal nature against the Azerbaijani citizens in foreign countries and members of the local Azerbaijani community would answer in law», the ministry added.