At around 12:45 p.m. on October 15, an Armenian forces strike hit a cemetery 400 meters north of Tartar, killing four civilians attending a funeral, Parviz Orujov, 31, Shakir Zamanov, 32, Vasif Rustamov, 60, and Iskandar Amirov, 53, witnesses said. Four men were injured.

Fizuli Mammadov, 54, who was wounded in the attack, said in a phone interview that they had gone to the cemetery to bury his aunt, who died of natural causes. He said that they were carrying her body to the cemetery entrance when they heard whistling overhead. They dropped the body to run for cover when a munition exploded about 50 meters away, and a few minutes later, another munition hit a grave nearby. Mammadov said he was injured in his back, leg, and left arm, which required surgery.

Rafael Gazanfarli, 34, a mullah who came from Goranboy for the burial, said in a phone interview that he was wounded in both legs and one of his kidneys by 11 fragments.