Currently, the enemy is subjecting to fire our villages, resolute retaliatory measures are being taken

On October 3, during the night, the Armenian armed forces inflicted artillery strikes on the Terter city, the Sahleabad, Gazian, Gapanli, Gaynag, Eskipara, Husanli villages of the district, the Ayag Gervend, Imankulubeyli, Garadaghli, Tezekend villages of the Aghdam region, the Muganli, Kiyameddinli, Renjberler villages of the Aghjabedi region and the Tapgaragoyunlu village of the Goranboy region.

Currently, the Guzanli village of the Aghdam region is being inflicted to artillery fire. The Azerbaijan Army is taking retaliatory measures against the enemy.