Ilham Aliyev and Sadyr Zhaparov toured Shahbulag Castle in Aghdam

Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Sadyr Zhaparov, President of the Kyrgyz Republic, visited the Shahbulag Fortress in Aghdam, where they received information about the ongoing restoration efforts.

The fortress, dating back to the 18th century, is one of the most renowned monuments in Karabakh. Situated near the village of Shahbulag, approximately 10 kilometers from the city of Aghdam, it was constructed by Panahali Khan, the founder of the Karabakh Khanate, in 1751-1752. The complex included residential houses, a bazaar, a bathhouse, and a mosque. Before Panahali Khan built the Shusha Fortress, the Shahbulag Fortress served as the administrative center of the Karabakh Khanate. However, following the Armenian occupation of Aghdam, many of the region’s historical sites, including the Shahbulag Fortress, were subjected to attempts at Armenization, with a nearby mosque even being presented as a church.

Currently, the Azerbaijani government is conducting restoration work. The restoration project includes landscaping 12 hectares of land and building new facilities like an administrative building, a ticket booth, and a parking lot. The renovated complex now features the Shahbulag residence, the Shah Abbas Mosque, a restaurant, a hotel complex, pavilions, an event square, and a storage facility.

The heads of state observed activities in the courtyard of the Shahbulag Fortress, such as the baking of tandoor bread and gutab.