Ilham Aliyev, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attend presentation of modern insulated and protected cable line in Sugovushan settlement

Azerishig OJSC has presented a 35-kilovolt insulated cable line, which is protected from external influences and operates at low cost, in Sugovushan settlement of Tartar district. This is the first such line in Azerbaijan.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the presentation.

The chairman of Azerishig OJSC, Vugar Ahmadov, informed the President and the First Lady of the project.

It was noted that the 35-kilovolt insulated and shielded cable power lines, based on modern technologies and introduced by Azerishig OJSC for the first time in the country, are more cost-effective than traditional overhead power lines and are an innovative solution to ensure technically stable operation of networks. The 35-kilovolt cable used in the power supply of Sugovushan settlement is one of the key elements for modern network construction. Thus, the protection zone of the new type of insulated 35-kilovolt lines is 3-6 meters, which is 6-10 times less than the existing lines. While technical losses in existing cables are 9-12 percent, losses in modern insulated cables are around 3.5-4 percent. In addition, the maintenance costs of the networks are reduced from 100 percent to 30 percent, while annual consumption of goods and materials is reduced from 100 percent to 25 percent. The number and duration of breakdowns in insulated cables is up to 60 percent less than in existing cable lines.

President Ilham Aliyev: In general, it is necessary to introduce this system too all parts of the country in the future.

Vugar Ahmadov: Mr. President, you have already given a task. We are working on that in Baku as well.

The introduction of new cable lines will increase the safety of residential and agricultural areas, as well as people located directly under or near high-voltage lines, and the impact of natural disasters on power transmission lines will be eliminated. The use of new types of insulated cable lines enables alignment of stability, reliability and efficiency indicators of the country’s energy system with international standards. At the same time, the possibility of laying such cables in any environment, including underground, underwater and overhead, will facilitate the operation of innovative 35/0.4-kilovolt distribution networks established in the liberated areas, as well as ensure their sustainable operation.