27 October 2020

On this historical day

We see the future of the Karabakh region as an area of peace. With our investments and development experience, we can transform that region into one of the world’s most prosperous regions. Yet, for that, the consequences of war must be eliminated. Ilham Aliyev

The latest situation in the front on October 27

During the day on October 26 and night on October 27, the Armenian armed forces, which did not comply with the new humanitarian ceasefire regime, fired at the positions of the units of the Azerbaijan Army in various directions of the front and our human settlements near the frontline using various arms.

Combat operations continued mainly in the Khojavend, Fizuli, and Gubadli directions of the front. Attempts to attack were thwarted and the enemy was driven back suffering losses.

As a result of the actions taken by the Azerbaijan Army, the forward command post of the 18th motorized rifle division of the Armenian armed forces was destroyed. Colonel Sergei Shakaryan, the chief of staff of the division was among the dead.

A large number of enemy forces, as well as 1 – T-72 tank, 4 – D-30 and 3 – D-20 howitzer-guns, 1 – “OSA-AKM” anti-aircraft missile system, 1 – BM-21 “Grad” MLRS, 1 – radar station, and 6 – auto vehicles were destroyed and wrecked in different directions of the front.

At present, our troops are monitoring the operational situation.


The information spread about the shooting of a border post on the territory of Armenia is false and provocative

The information spread by Armenia about the alleged firing of Armenian territory today using UAVs and rocket-artillery systems belonging to Azerbaijan is false and provocative.

We state that Azerbaijan fully complies with the new humanitarian ceasefire regime.

On the contrary, starting from 09:30 on October 27, the Armenian side has been intensively firing at our territories using mortars in the direction of the Aghband village of the Zangilan region.


The Terter city and the villages of the region come under fire


The Armenian armed forces, grossly violating the new humanitarian ceasefire regime, are subjecting to artillery fire the Terter city and the villages of the region.


Joint Statement of the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service

Adhering to the new humanitarian ceasefire regime, Azerbaijan is taking only adequate measures, exercising a restraint attitude towards the provocations committed by the enemy along the entire front.

Capitalizing on it, Armenia is deliberately aggravating the situation in various directions of the front, especially on the restored state borders, laying the groundwork for its further provocations.

The Armenian leadership must now realize and reckon that the restored state borders are not a zone of conflict, but state borders recognized by the international community, which define the full sovereign territories of Azerbaijan. The inviolability of the state border must be ensured.

Any provocation in this direction is assessed as an attack on our territorial integrity.

In this regard, Azerbaijan has the right to destroy any legitimate military targets that threaten its territory, regardless of its location.


We strongly condemn the attack by the armed forces of #Armenia, using a “Cornet”-type anti-tank missile, on the “Euronews” camera crew, carrying out their professional duties as journalists. @euronews

Goranboy, Terter and Barda regions are under rocket fire


Armenian armed forces fire rockets at the territories of the Goranboy, Terter and Barda regions.


As result of Armenia’s henious missile attack to Barda region 3 civilians killed and 10 people, kids/women seriously wounded. #Warcrimes of Armenia continues. Today MOD of Armenia made statement that they will hit harshly. By that they meaning civilians, kids and women.

In violation of humanitarian ceasefire and in order to compensate their sustained military losses Armenia resorts to #Warcrimes of killing civilians. Barda region was attacked with reactive missiles. So far 3 killed, 10 people including kids and women seriously wounded.

One little toddler is among the killed as a result of Armenia’s missile attack to Barda region of Azerbaijan. #babykilling policy and #warcrimes of Armenia’s political-military leadershipship continues. Erupted fire is being extinguished by emergency services.

Number of killed in Barda raised to four as a result of Armenia’s missile attack. Indiscriminate and targeted attack against civilians continues.

According to ANAMA Armenia used cluster Smerch missile against civilians in Barda. Use of cluster weapons against civilians is forbidden. 4 civilians, including 2 years old baby girl killed. 13 civilians wounded. Because of #cluster bomblets number of casualties quite big.

Azerbaijan Army does not fire on civilians

The information spread by the Armenian media about the alleged shelling of the territories of Khojavend and Lachin by the Azerbaijan Army is groundless and false.

Vice-versa, on October 27, at about 16:00, the Armenian armed forces fired at the territory of the Barda region of Azerbaijan from the Smerch MLRS. As a result of this war crime of the military-political leadership of Armenia, civilians, including a young child, were killed. Many civilians, including women and children, were injured.

The Azerbaijan Army is observing the humanitarian ceasefire regime along the entire front.