The situation in the front on October 24

During the day on October 23 and on the night of October 24, the combat operations continued with varying intensity in the Aghdere, Khojavend, Fuzuli, Hadrut, and Gubadli directions. The enemy fired at our defensive positions using small arms, mortars, and gun-howitzers.

Units of the Azerbaijan Army continued combat operations in certain directions of the front in accordance with the operational plan.

Armenian armed forces units, which could not resist in the Khojavend, Fuzuli, and Gubadli directions of the front, have been inflicted by the fire strike. The enemy’s depots of weapons, ammunition, and fuel were disabled. In some directions, the enemy disorderly left positions and retreated. The main communications were taken under control, several enemy strongholds were destroyed and important high grounds were liberated.

Currently, combat operations are being continued along the entire length of the front. Our troops control the operational situation.