7 November 2020

On this historical day

Armenians’ position is rooted in historical lies and based on violation of norms and principles of international law, whereas our position is backed by historical justice and the norms and principles of the international law. Ilham Aliyev

The latest situation in the front on November 7

During the day on November 6 and night on November 7, the Armenian armed forces fired at the positions of the units of the Azerbaijan Army and our human settlements in various directions of the front using various small arms, howitzers, and mortars.

The combat operations continued with varying intensity, mainly in the Aghdere, Aghdam, Khojavend directions of the front. The enemy was forced to retreat suffering losses on military personnel and military vehicles in some areas of the front.

There are dead and wounded among the military personnel as a result of artillery shelling of the combat positions in the defensive area of the 5th mountain rifle regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces in the Aghdere direction of the front. Several military vehicles and mortars of the enemy were wrecked.

As a result of the operation conducted by the units of the Azerbaijani Army, there are casualties among the military personnel of the 1st battalion of the 6th mountain rifle regiment of the enemy. The howitzers of the 3rd battery of the D-30 artillery battalion of the enemy were also disabled.

Currently, combat operations are underway in all directions of the front.


The enemy fired at our human settlements again


Armenian armed forces units subjected to artillery fire Shikharkh settlement, Gazyan and Husanli villages of Terter region, as well as Yukhari Giyameddinli village of Aghjabedi region.

Our Army is undertaking actions to suppress the enemy’s firing points.


The enemy is shelling the villages of the Aghdam region


Armenian armed forces units are subjecting to artillery fire Chullu and Chiragli villages of the Aghdam region.

Our Army is undertaking actions to suppress the enemy’s firing points.


Victorious Armed Forces of Azerbaijan liberated Yuxari Veyselli, Yuxari Seyidehmedli, Gorgan, Uchunju Mahmudlu, Gachar and Divanalilar villages of Fuzuli, Yukhari Mezre and Yanarhach villages of Jabrayil, Gezyan, Balasoltanli and Merdanli villages of Gubadli,

Beshdeli village of Zangilan, Garabulag and Moshmakhat villages of Khojaly, Atagut and Tsakuri of Khojavend. Long live Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

The enemy is shelling our human settlements


Armenian armed forces units are shelling the villages of the Terter, Aghdam and Aghjabadi regions.

The Azerbaijan Army Units are taking retaliatory actions against the enemy.


Information about the shelling of the territory of Armenia is another provocation of the enemy

The information spread by the Armenian side about the alleged shelling of the David Bek village near the Gafan city of Armenia from the territory of the Gubadli region of Azerbaijan is provocative misinformation.

Contrariwise, during the day, the units of the Armenian armed forces have been shelling the villages of the Gubadli region liberated from the occupation, and the positions of the Azerbaijan Army Units from the territory of Armenia.

The Azerbaijan Army undertakes adequate measures only against the enemy’s firing points within the borders of our country.

We declare once again that Azerbaijan has no military target in the territory of Armenia.


Video footage of liberated from the occupation villages of Jabrayil region – VIDEO


The enemy fired at the territory of the Barda region


Armenian armed forces units fired at the village of Ayrija of the Barda region. One villager died as a result of shelling.


Armenia’s #WarCrimes against Azerbaijani civilians doesn’t stop. As a result of Armenia’s attack teenager boy was killed in Barda and another civilian is wounded in Tartar region of Azerbaijan. Death toll of civilians killed by Armenia continues to grow.

Yet another innocent victim of Armenia’s terror. 16 years old young gentlemen -Shahmali today was killed in Barda as a result of Armenia’s targeted/deliberate attacks on Azerbaijani civilians. Barda is away from combat zone. There was no military necessity.


Donara Rahimova – ethnic Armenian and citizen of #Azerbaijan. She continues to live happily in Azerbaijan. Gov of Azerbaijan is ready to provide same conditions for Armenian community of Karabakh. Racist statement abt incompatibility of Armenians and Azerbaijanis nonsense.

Illegal settlement is #warcrime. Documents confiscated from local office of Armenia’s security agency testify that Armenia delibarately pursued policy of illegal settlement and used Syrian Armenians as mercenaries. Our appeals on illegal settlement ignored by Co-Chairs many years