23 October 2020

On this historical day

The UN Charter ensures every country’s right for self-defense. We are defending ourselves and liberating Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territory from occupation. Ilham Aliyev

The situation in the front on October 23

During the day on October 22 and on the night of October 23, the combat operations continued with varying intensity in the Aghdere, Fizuli-Hadrut-Jabrayil, and Gubadli directions. The enemy fired at our defensive positions using small arms, mortars, and gun-howitzers.

Heavy strikes were inflicted on the armed forces of Armenia in the Fuzuli, Jabrayil, and Gubadli directions of the front, several enemy strongholds were destroyed, important territories and high grounds were liberated as a result of the operations conducted by the Azerbaijan Army.

The main resources and military infrastructure of the enemy along the entire front were irreparably damaged. There is a shortage of military equipment, weapons, and ammunition, as well as food in the enemy units. The enemy practically lost control of the troops. Due to the lack of regular army units to defend combat positions, civilians are forcibly brought in to replace them.

It became known that the servicemen brought from the Tavush and Sisian regions of Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh refused to get engaged in battles and left their positions.

Currently, battles are being continued along the entire length of the front.


Azerbaijan Army does not shell the civilian population and infrastructure

The information spread by Armenia about the alleged shelling of the Aghdere, Khojavend, and Gırmızı Bazar settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh by the Azerbaijan Army is groundless and false.

On the contrary, on October 23 at night, and today in the morning hours, the Armenian armed forces subjected to intensive fire the territory of Tartar, Aghdam, and Aghjabadi regions.

The Troops of the Azerbaijan Army complying with the humanitarian ceasefire regime retain operational superiority along the entire length of the front.


4 enemy UAVs were eliminated

On October 23, starting from 03.00 to 09.00, the two UAVs of the Armenian armed forces were determined and destroyed by Azerbaijan Air Defense Units. The two other UAVs were downed to the ground by means of special equipment.


Another UAV belonging to Armenia was destroyed

Another tactical unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Armenian armed forces, which attempted to fly in the direction of Aghjabedi region, was destroyed by our units on October 23 at about 12:00.


Enemy forces and equipment were destroyed, their positions have been struck – VIDEO


Military personnel and armored vehicles of the enemy getting ready for redeployment were destroyed – VIDEO


Azerbaijan’s glorious Army liberated Dolanar and Bunyadli villages of Khojavend, Dag Tumas, Nusus, Xelefli, Minbashili and Veyselli villages of Jabrayil, Venedli and Mirzehasanli villages of Zengilan. Long live Azerbaijan’s Army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan’s glorious Army liberated Zilanli, Kurd Mahrizli, Muganli and Alagurshag villages of Gubadli. Long live Azerbaijan’s Army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Liberated from the occupation the Minbashili village of the Jabrayil region – VIDEO


The information of the Armenian side about the artillery shelling of Azerbaijan’s positions by Iran is false

The information spread by the Armenian side about the alleged artillery shelling of the positions of Azerbaijan by Iran after the entering of a kamikaze drone of the Azerbaijan Army into the airspace of Iran is false and another misinformation of the enemy.

The Armenian side, panicked by our taking control of the Iran-Azerbaijan state border, spreading such false information and is trying to harm high-level relations between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran, which has deep historical roots, is successfully developing in political, economic, religious, cultural, and other spheres.

The military-political leadership of Armenia that could not receive the necessary support from the international community, and is seriously concerned about the successful development of Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, sees a way out of the situation in the dissemination of false and slanderous information.


Destruction of the volunteer groups and military equipment of the enemy – VIDEO

Video footage of destruction of the volunteer groups and military equipment of the Armenian armed forces in the Khojavend and Fizuli directions of the front.


Artillery units and a command post of the enemy were destroyed as a result of airstrikes – VIDEO